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About Ankle Ultrasound Scan



Musculoskeletal ultrasonography is a very powerful diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of wide array of foot and ankle problems such tendinosis, tenosynovitis, paratendinitis, rupture, dislocation, ligaments that are commonly torn, plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma, stress fractures, and plantar plate injury.

Sports and overuse injuries of the ankle and foot are common and ultrasound has been established as an excellent diagnostic modality for foot and ankle pathologes, providing a rapid noninvasive examination tool that is well tolerated by the patient with acute or chronic pain. The opportunity for dynamic examination is another advantage of ultrasound in evaluating ankle and foot pathology, where maneuvers such as muscle contraction and stressing of the joint may be particularly helpful.


What is the purpose of this ankle scan?

The purpose of this ankle ultrasound scan is to provide an assessment of the ankle joint:

Reasons for having an ankle scan include:


What is included with this ultrasound scan?


Preparation for the ankle ultrasound scan

No preparation is necessary for this ultrasound scan.


What should I expect during the ankle ultrasound scan?

Before the scan our sonographer will explain the examination procedure. You will be asked to remove your shoe and sock and lie on the bed. A small amount of gel will be placed on your ankle and the probe will be moved in different directions. You may also be asked to move your ankle during the scanning so that the sonographer can look at the affected area while it is in motion.
During and after the examination our sonographer will explain the findings and an ultrasound report will be issued to take away with you.




Price: £149.00 (Both Ankles: £199.00)


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