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alex / 30-11-2016, 11:23

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10.0 "Excellent service"

  • MSK Ultrasoound Scan
  • +I had an uiltrasound from Yianni as I didn't want to wait for an NHS referral. He was excellent, very professional and kind. I made an appointment for the same day and was extremely pleased with the service.
  • -No issues whatsoever.

Irene / 27-11-2016, 14:15

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10.0 "Excellent"

  • Pregnancy UltrasoundScan
  • +I have just had my 12 weeks scan at the clinic and I found Tareq very good, professional and friendly. He took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions which made the experience even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend International Ultrasound Services to any woman wishing to have a scan, also because they are very flexible in booking appointments at suitable times.
  • -None.

Charlotte / 27-11-2016, 12:24

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10.0 "Same day appointment, very professional service and highly recommended"

  • Pregnancy UltrasoundScan
  • +I required an early pregnancy scan as I was anxious and could not wait until the 12 week NHS scan. I was dealt with efficiently on the phone and was seen later on that evening. The sonographer (Tareq) was very caring and explained everything to me in detail.
  • -None

Chris Notting Hill / 24-10-2016, 12:30

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10.0 "Highly Recommended"

  • Men Ultrasound Scan
  • +My GP referred me for an NHS scan but i was worrying and didnt want to wait.
    I was able to book my scan the same day at time suited me.
    Staff are professional and caring and took the time to explain their findings and they gave me the report there and then.
  • -None that i can think