Private Hip Ultrasound Scan

Hip Ultrasound Scan – At a Glance

  • Ultrasound scan for hip-related health complaints
  • No GP referral is required
  • Same-day digital results 
  • Fully qualified, experienced NHS sonographers
  • No preparation is required
  • Same-day appointments are usually available.
  • Only £159 (£229 for both hips)
  • Book Online or over the phone
A sonographer is applying gel on an ultrasound probe in our private ultrasound clinic in London

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  • Hip and groin pain is very common and ultrasound has been proven to be a useful tool in the assessment of the hip tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, synovial recesses, articular cartilage, bone surfaces and joint capsule. The goal of ultrasound scan is to detect and localize pathological processes, to differentiate between intra-articular and extra-articular pathology.

    Many hip diseases are detectable with ultrasound, including assessment of the soft tissues, tendons, ligaments and muscles, and also of the bone structures and joint spaces. In patients with sports-related hip pain, ultrasound has an important role in dynamic assessment of snapping iliopsoas tendon, joint fluid, bursitis, haematoma and para labral cyst formation.

    Potential causes of hip discomfort and fever include psoas abscess, prostatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and urinary tract infections. Ultrasound has the ability to help diagnose these conditions, allowing appropriate and timely initiation of treatment.

    What is the purpose of this ultrasound scan?

    The purpose of the hip ultrasound scan is to provide an assessment of the hip musculoskeletal structures. 

    They include: 

    • Bone structures (femoral head and acetabulum)
    • Fibro cartilaginous structures (acetabular labrum)
    • Cartilage layers covering the hip joint
    • Capsular-ligamentous structures
    • Synovial joint
    • Muscles and tendons
    • Synovial bursae
    • Neurovascular structures

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Reasons for having a hip scan include:

    • Pain
    • Muscular and some ligaments damage (chronic and acute)
    • Bursitis
    • Joint
    • effusion
    • Vascular pathology
    • Haematomas
    • Soft tissue masses such as ganglia, lipomas
    • Classification of a mass e.g. solid, cystic, mixed
    • Post-surgical complications e.g. abscess, oedema
    • Some bony pathology.

What is included with this ultrasound scan?

  • Ultrasound report with images and, if needed, a follow-up recommendation.


No preparation is necessary for this ultrasound scan.

What should I expect during the ultrasound scan?

Before the scan, our sonographer will explain the examination procedure. You will be asked to lie on the bed and expose your groin and hip. A small amount of gel will be placed on your hip and the probe will be moved in different directions. You may also be asked to move your hip during the scanning so that the sonographer can look at the affected area while it is in motion.
During and after the examination, our sonographer will explain the findings and an ultrasound report will be issued to take away with you.

Price: £159.00 (Bi-lateral examinations: £229.00)

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Frequent Questions

Booking an appointment at International Ultrasound Services for a pelvic ultrasound scan is simple. We should be able to arrange an appointment at a convenient time for you. Same day appointments might also be available if you need your scan results quickly.

We will provide a full ultrasound report with your results that you will be able to share with your GP or other healthcare professionals.