Find Your Gestation Age.

This calculator helps you estimate the age of the pregnancy based on the first day of your last period and not the date of conception.
Most pregnancies last about 40 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period.
 Because of this, a person is usually considered at least 4 weeks pregnant by the time they actually miss a period and have a positive pregnancy test.
To calculate your estimated due date and gestational age, enter the current date and the date that your last menstrual period started.

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What is gestational age?

Gestational age (GA) is a common term used to describe how far you are in your pregnancy. In other words, the age of your baby.

Gestational age is measured in weeks, usually by calculating the time difference between the first day of the woman's last menstrual cycle and the current date. According to this method, a baby that has just been conceived (approximately two weeks after the last period) is already two weeks old in gestational age. The corresponding date of the gestation can be also estimated by other methods.