Private Ultrasound Scans London

If you are looking for reassurance early in your pregnancy (not 4D ultrasound) or a general medical private ultrasound in London to visualise the internal organs and body structures to get quick answers about your health, you can rest assured that our sonographers have the skills and the knowledge to provide you with the instant answers you need. The medical ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that can help find the source of disease or exclude internal organ pathology.



a patient is having a wrist scan a sonographer who is holding a hight frequency ultrasound probe

Musculoskeletal scans include: shoulders, elbows, wrists,hands, hips, knees, ankles & feet.


Private Ultrasound London

We are experienced ultrasound specialists with extensive imaging NHS experience, to provide you with the best diagnostics accuracy whithout the NHS wait.

Welcome to our private ultrasonography clinic in  London where we are able to offer you a range of same day diagnostic (not 4D) ultrasounds to suit your needs and your schedule. 
There is nothing more important than your health and not knowing can be very stressful. NHS waiting times can be lengthy, resulting in unnecessary worrying, sleepless nights, not to mention, any physical pain and discomfort you might be in.  It can also have a detrimental effect on the management and outcome of any potential disease.
An early diagnosis can offer you not only reassurance but also the opportunity to tackle any pathology in early stages.
You are now able to reduce the lengthy NHS waiting times and take responsibility and control for your own health in times and days that suit your busy lifestyle by booking a diagnostic ultrasound appointment. IUS is led by highly experienced, NHS health care professionals who put your needs and your health first. Our ultrasound equipment is state of the art, offering excellent image quality and therefore increased diagnostic confidence helping us to obtain the best images and information.
 If for any reason you cannot find a suitable appointment please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.
We offer a wide range of sonography examinations which include a variety of pregnancy scans (early scan, dating scan, gender scan, growth scan), pelvic, abdominal, soft tissue, neck and thyroid, as well as musculoskeletal.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our  ultrasound imaging clinic located within a few minutes walk from Notting Hill Gate station in London.






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Why choose us for your ultrasound scan services?

We are conveniently located in the heart of London, just a few minutes’ walk from Notting Hill Gate station, in a cobbled cul-de-sac off Kensington Mall in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 
We offer same day and weekend affordable private scan appointments in a clean and caring environment, to suit your needs. 

We have years of experience in medical ultrasound. Experience gained working for flagship NHS trusts alongside leaders in the field of diagnostic medical imaging including obstetric ultrasonography, general medical ultrasound, urology (urinary), musculoskeletal, gynaecologic sonography, testicular (scrotal) and vascular imaging examinations. You can, therefore be assured that your health is in good hands.

We are also experts in pregnancy scans and we regularly rotate through our hospital Early Pregnancy Unit that mainly deals with recurrent miscarriage. Our full range of London ultrasound services can be viewed via the site menu. 
Our competitively priced services and personalised care is second to none and this is the reason our clients recommend us to friends and family. 


Vascular Ultrasound Scan in London

We offer duplex private ultrasounds such as deep vein thrombosis, carotids and abdominal aorta tests to diagnose venous and arterial disease. We can visualise the health of your blood vessels using advanced doppler techniques, power doppler and spectral doppler. If you are therefore looking for vascular imaging near Notting Hill Gate tube station call us or use our online booking system to book your appointment.



Are baby scans harmful to the foetus?

Diagnostic Medical ultrasound or sonography as otherwise known is a safe, painless diagnostic imaging technique. Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to produce internal images of the body and therefore is not harmful to the unborn child.
It is called ultrasound as the sound frequency being used is at the region of 1 to 20MHz. The human ear can’t hear these frequencies.
The sound waves are produced by the scanner and transmitted by the transducer or the probe as most commonly known. As they travel through the body they bounce back to the transducer due to various sound transmissions differences in tissues. The returning echoes are picked up by the probe and a powerful computer analyses the echoes and creates the 2d image on the screen. Pregnacy ultrasound does not use ionising radiation and it is therefore safe for the


What are ultrasound scans used for?

There are various kinds of ultrasound screening tests that can be performed and each looks at different organs of the body such as tendons, muscles, joints, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, uterus and ovaries to confirm or exclude possible pathology.
Ultrasound scanning does not use radiation such as the CT and x-rays and therefore is pregnancy friendly. It is also live and is ideal for musculo-skeletal exams to visualise movement and function of joints or see the baby movements live during the antenatal scan.


How much does a private ultrasound cost?

The price of a ultrasound scanning in London shouldn’t be prohibited factor when it comes to someone’s wellbeing. This is why our ultrasound scan prices are competitive and affordable with no compromise to the level of care. The price you see for the ultrasound scan is the price you pay with no hidden extras and no booking fees. Here you can find the cost of ultrasound in London.


Is it easy to book an ultrasound appointment?

Booking an appointment at International Ultrasound Services for a scan in Londonis simple. We should be able to arrange an appointment at a convenient time for you. Same day appointments might also be available if you need your scan results quickly. You can either call us or use our online booking diary where you can choose a convinient appointment.