Do I need a doctor's referral, or can I self refer for a private ultrasound scan?

Yes, you can. A doctor's ultrasound examination request is not necessary. If you don't know which ultrasound examination is most suitable for you, please contact us explaining your symptoms either by phone or email.

Can you scan children?

No, we only scan adults of a minimum of 18 years of age.

Why should I pay for a private ultrasound scan?

You will avoid the very long NHS waiting times, which can be up to 6 weeks for a routine examination. You will have an unrushed service due to the extra time allocated per scan. Furthermore, you will have the choice to book a scan in London during the evening or on a weekend.

Is ultrasound scanning safe?

Ultrasound scans are completely safe and that is the reason that they can be used on multiple occasions during pregnancy, for example. The image is produced by high-frequency sound waves that enter the body, which then reflect off different tissues within the body and return to the transducer (probe). All these reflections are then processed, which in turn creates the ultrasound image.

Why do you use ultrasound gel?

The ultrasound gel is used in order to create maximum contact between the transducer and the patient's skin. Without the gel, no image would be created.

Is the ultrasound gel safe?

The ultrasound gel is water-based and therefore is completely safe. It also does not create allergic reactions.

What should I expect when I arrive for my appointment?

Upon arrival at the International Ultrasound Services clinic in London, we will greet you at the door. Please ring the doorbell so that we are aware that you have arrived. If the scan room is free, we will take you straight in for your ultrasound scan. If we are still with another patient, you will be asked to take a seat in the waiting area.

How many people can come with me during my ultrasound scan?

You may have one other person with you in the scan room.

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Can I have a chaperone in the room during my ultrasound scan?

A chaperone is always present during your examination. When performing gynaecological scans, we sometimes might have to perform a transvaginal (internal) scan after discussion with the patient we will always have a female chaperone on-site when we perform any gynaecological scans.

When and how do I get my results from my private ultrasound scan?

We will discuss the ultrasound scan findings directly after performing the ultrasound scan and also provide a written report via email within 24 hours.  On occasions, the scans may require further discussion with a colleague, in which case it may take 48 hours to receive the results.

What happens when my ultrasound scan shows something is wrong?

If an abnormality is detected on the ultrasound scan,  the findings will be discussed with the client and the report provided will include the appropriate required follow up. On occasions, we may need to verbally contact your GP.

Will my results be confidential?

Information Governance is an utmost priority. All patient records and ultrasound images are always securely stored.

I've tried to book an ultrasound scan appointment online but it didn't work, what can I do?

In the rare event that the online ultrasound booking system is down, please phone 0753 929 0816.

I would like to book with the Arabic/Spanish/Greek/Armenian...speaker, how can I see when he is available?

If you require a particular Sonographer who speaks any of the languages provided at IUS London, then please either email us at or phone us 0753 929 0816 so that we can ensure that the appropriate Sonographer is available.