Ultrasound Scanning Services in London

The International Ultrasound Services Clinic offers ultrasound scanning including general ultrasound, male and female specific ultrasounds and pregnancy scans. Book from a wide range of affordable, medical, diagnostic ultrasound examinations offered in our London clinic to evaluate the internal anatomy of the body which includes gynaecological, obstetric ultrasonography  (not 3D 4D Ultrasound), men, women, musculoskeletal and vascular scans.

Pregnancy Scans

We provide prenatal imaging from the 6 weeks pregnant to monitor the unborn baby in the womb including early, dating scan, gender and growth scans.

Women’s Scans

Health checks for women such as pelvic ultrasound, ovarian, transvaginal ultrasound, abdomen, urinary tract, thyroid and lumps & bumps

Men’s Scans

Imaging tests for men in London including testicular screening, abdominal scan, kidney, bladder hernia, prostate and thyroid scans.


Musculoskeletal imaging to evaluate the shoulder , hands, elbow, soft tissue, wrist and ankle/feet scans.


We offer vascular Doppler examinations to evaluate the blood vessels, veins and arteries of the body such as DVT scans, Aorta and Carotids.


Fertility ultrasound scans for when you need some help with your pregnancy such as follicular tracking, pelvic scan and testicular scan.