What is an Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound Scans Ultrasound scans are one of the most common medical imaging diagnostic procedures, and it is being used to evaluate the health of organs and tissue as well as…

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6 week Pregnancy Scan
Ultrasound image of a 6-week baby scan. - At 6 week scan you can see the gestation sac (black area on the image). You can also see the foetus measuring around 6 mm as well as the yolk sac (the ring to the right of the measurement)

6 week Pregnancy Scan

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the world of baby scans. The 6 weeks early pregnancy or the early pregnancy scan as more commonly known will possibly be the first time…

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What is a Private Scan
Doctor performing an ultrasound procedure on a pregnant woman.

What is a Private Scan

Re you looking to book a private scan? We answer you most common questions.

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