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Ultrasound clinic offering Medical Ultrasounds, in London. The clinic is located no more than a three-minute walk from Notting Hill Gate tube station. 

Private Ultrasound Clinic

A sonography procedure can offer you reassurance about your health complaints.. It can also reduce anxiety and the opportunity to tackle any disease in its early stages.
International Ultrasound Services is led by professional, highly experienced, caring NHS Sonographers who put your needs and your health first..

Private ultrasound London

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Private Ultrasound Scans

International Ultrasound Services is a health care provider registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission  (CQC) offering an expert ultrasound service that is friendly, thorough and with longer than average appointment times for quick and accurate diagnosis of your symptoms and reassurance.

Nothing is more important than your health, and not knowing can be very stressful. Hospital waiting times for scans can be lengthy, resulting in unnecessary worrying and sleepless nights, not to mention any physical pain and discomfort you might be in. It can also have a detrimental effect on the management and outcome of any potential disease.

Pregnancy Scans

We provide baby scans from 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound to monitor the unborn baby in the womb including early pregnancy scan, dating scan, gender scan and growth pregnancy scans.


Well woman and gynaecology scans in London such as pelvic scan, menopause scan, ovarian, vaginal ultrasonography, abdominal, urinary tract, liver, gallbladder, thyroid and lumps & bumps.


Ultrasound scans for men including testicular screening, abdominal ultrasound, kidney, bladder, liver, hernia, prostate and thyroid scans to exclude cancer or any other health issues.


Musculoskeletal ultrasounds to evaluate the shoulder, hands, elbow, soft tissue, wrist, knee and ankle/feet scans.


We offer vascular Doppler ultrasonography, a type of doppler ultrasound scan to evaluate the blood vessels, veins and arteries of the body such as Deep Vein Thrombosis scans, Aorta and Carotids.


Fertility ultrasound scans offer detailed images for when you need some help with your pregnancy such as follicle tracking, pelvic scan and testicular scan.

Why Choose International Ultrasound Services for your scan in London?





Medical diagnostic imaging centre, London

Clinic Address:

International Ultrasound Services
5a Lucerne Mews London
W8 4ED
Greater London
Nearest tube: Notting Hill Gate
Tel: 0203 051 6506 or 0753 929 0816

Appointment Bookings

Monday – Friday: 9am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-1pm
Sunday: Subject to Availability

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Private ultrasound scan near me.

If you are looking for a high-quality ultrasound diagnostic tests nearby and in a convenient London location, the clinic is conveniently located in the heart of London, just a few minutes walk from Notting Hill Gate tube station, in a cobbled cul-de-sac off Kensington Mall in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Notting Hill underground station is served by CentralCircle and District lines.

Private Ultrasound Clinic Near Me

International Ultrasound Services is a Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center in London, England offering a wide range of scans for all trimesters during pregnancy to monitor the growth and development of the foetus as well as the pregnant woman.

How much does it cost for an ultrasound?

The cost of private ultrasound in the UK  varies and starts from just below £100 to more than £400. There are multiple reasons for this wide price range such as location, the type of scan and the size of the company. For example, a private ultrasound scan in Harley Street will be significantly higher than the same in our clinic in Notting Hill gate. As you can imagine, you pay more for the location and not for higher quality service. If you are paying for yourself, you will find the cost of our scanning services very affordable.

Can I get an Ultrasound without a referral in the UK?

A doctor’s referral is not required for an ultrasonic procedure in our London private clinic. You can self refer, and you can book your appointment yourself using our online diary.

Are private ultrasounds better than NHS?

The main reason patients choose to use private healthcare is to:

  • Reduce NHS waiting times,
  • Rapid access to quality private health care
  • Get faster results and treatment
  • Choose a flexible and more suitable time
  • Reduce anxiety associated with not knowing
  • Convenience
  • Expert sonographers
  • Avoid visiting the hospital due to infection risk


What is Medical Ultrasound?

Ultrasonography or sonogram is a non-invasive, painless, diagnostic technique utilising high-frequency sound waves. The sound waves are bouncing on the internal organs to produce images of the body’s these internal organs such as the ovaries, gallbladder and blood vessels. The images of the organs are displayed in black and white on a state of the art monitor attached to the scanner. In medicine, it is commonly the first line of medical diagnosis when human body pathology is suspected due to its ability to detect abnormalities early on before they have time for symptoms and signs to appear and therefore instigate faster treatment.

Unlike the CT scan and MRI scans, ultrasounds do not use radiation and are therefore believed to be safe for the mother and the unborn baby and this is why pregnancy scans are so popular.

It is called ultra sound as the high-frequency sound waves used are at the region of 1 to 20MHz. A sound frequency that the human ear can’t hear. The technology uses the same frequencies used by the navy sonar and by animal echolocation such as dolphins and bats. You can find more detailed information on what is an ultrasound scan page.

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